JJSS (vol.9)----Abstract

Special Issue
H.F. Moorhouse
European Soccer Sociology

Ahn Min-seok
Sociology of World-Cup :
The Discourse on the 2002 World-Cup and the State/Civil Society

SHIMIZU, Satoshi
The Study of Supporter Cultures

A Culture Theory about gTachiaih in Professional Japanese Wrestling gSumoh :
The Integration of Alignment and Competition

ASO, Yukihiro
A Study on Modern Gambling : in the Case of Horse Racing in Japan

ONOSE, Takeshi
The Sports-Controversy in the Early Showa Era :
Criticism of gthe Japanese Sports Ideologyh

Language and Practice in a Martial Art Class :
an Experimental Description of Kata Training

A Study on the Impact of the Expansion of Global Sport on Developing Countries :
The Case of the Melanesia Region

TAKAI, Masashi
Media-Broadcasted Sports and Signifying Practice of Audience :
in High School Baseball Games

Sport Can Go Beyond the Differences :
Cultural Imperialism and the Possibility of Global Cultures in Sport

YAMAMOTO, Atsuhisa
Cultural Study of gFighting Bodyh
: Fieldwork in Kick-boxing

JJSS (vol.8)----Abstract

Special Contributions
HIRANO, Hideaki
The Twentieth Century: Was It a Century for Sports?

HIRAI, Hajime
From Culture among Working Class Men to an Overall Leisure Industry by Mass Media: a history of 20th century sports as seen through the rugby league in Australia

Sports in the 20th Century Tokyo Higher Normal School and Sports in Japanese Society

Meaning of the Word "Tanoshimi"

Narrative in Newspaper Accounts of Orix Blue Wave's Victory Connected to The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and Real Life of an Orix-fan

Body Politics in Women's Physical Education Emphasis on the "Women's Sanitary Association Magazine"

A Study of the Influence of Commitment to Children's Sports in Community on Community Morale

JJSS (vol.7)----Abstract
Special Contributions
The Professional Baseball in Japan : Its Foreseeable Future

PARK, Jin Kyung
Sport Industry and Korean Economy: Trends and Prospects

Sportization and Globalization: A Process-sociological Perspective

Articles KUSAKA, Yukoh
A Study on Elder Peoples' "Raison de Vivre" and "Natural Play" Cases of Hiking/Wandervogel Participants

Secret Messages from Operationalized Naturalization of Top Athletes in Japan

Research Notes---
NOGAMI, Makoto
The Leadership Functions and Morale at Intercollegiate Athletic Team

Book Review
SHIMIZU, Satosi: An Archaeology of Koshien Baseball

MATSUMURA, Kazunori (ed.): Development of Mountain Villages and Environmental Health

GRUNEAU, Richard (Tr. by OKADA, TADANO and KIKU): Class, Sports and Social Development

SAKAUE, Yasuhiro: State and Sports in Inter-war Japan

Japan Society of Sport Sociology (ed.): Sport in the Contemporary Change of Societies

JJSS (vol.6)----Abstract

Special Contributions
The Olympics in Lillehammer

MAEDA, Kazushi
Networking in the River Basin by Canoe Clubs and its Possibility : For Forming the Arena for New Way of River Improvement

NOZAKI, Takeshi
Modern Sport and Anti - Modernism

TOBO, Minako
The BODY in "Sports Experience": The Possibility of Positive Study about Running

The Form of Norm in Sports and Gender

FUJITA, Motoaki
A Study on Socialization into Sport of an Athlete with Physical Disability

Processes of Change in Professional Bicycle Racing(Keirin)

Research Notes
EBIJIMA, Hitoshi
Sports in the Segregated Society

Review of Books
SAGE, George H.: Power and Ideology in American Sport
MATSUDA, K., et al.(ed.): Sport, Culture and Education
SUGIMOTO, Atsuo(ed.): The Sociology of Sport Fan
EICHBERG, Henning: Imagination of Body Culuture

JJSS (vol.5)

Special Contributions
ITO Kimio, YAMASHITA Takayuki, KIKU Koichi and YOSHIMI Syunya
Special Topic: Theoretical Possibilities for the Sociology of Sports

Lu Yuanzhen
The Historical Mission of the Sociological Study of Physical Education and Sports in China
Jay R. and Joan D. Mandle
Understanding Contemporary Sports

Articles Shigetoshi Asakawa
SUMO-society from the Viewpoint of Network: The Expanding Network of 'Tanimachi'

Masaharu Hashimoto
A Study on 'TV-sport' Focusing on the Field of Production of TV-sports programs: TV-sports as Pseudo Conflict

Research Notes
Satoru Masui
Allowing the Bicycle's Drafting Rule in Triathlon : The Influence of Commercialism

Hye-Ja Kim, Reiko Tanaka and Shogo Esashi
Changed Environment Surrounding Sports-related Activities in Korea

Review of Books
Janet Lever: Soccer Madness

S. Tsuganezawa, et al.: Media Events in Modern Japan

JJSS (vol.4)

Special Contributions
Takayuki Yamashita and Koichi Kiku
General View on Sociology of Sports in Britain and France, and The Coming International Symposium 1997 in Japan

Ken Kageyama
Athleticism and Sports in China

Soon Hee Whang
The Body as Culture: The Case of the Sumo Wrestler

Yasuo Yamaguchi, Takashi Tohi and Akira Takami
Assessing the Relationship Between Sport and Leisure Activities and Quality of Life: A Comparison Between the Middle-aged and the Elderly

Masataka Kashihara
Why Is Professional Wrestling Not Treated as a Kind of Sport?

Changkyu Ahn and Kengo Fujiwara
Sociological Perspectives of Sports Consumer Behavior Study

Hiroshi Fukasawa
A Study on the Inclination Factors for Participation in Leisure Activities for the Aged

Masashi Kawanishi, Takahiro Kitamura and Kozo Tomiyama
The Life-Satisfaction of Middle- and Senior-Aged Participants of the National Festival of Sport and Recreation in Japan

Research Notes
Hisayo Kisanuki and Shogo Esashi
Gender Differences of Motives of Spectators at a Soccer Game

Review of Books/Articles
Nobuyuki Kokubo
"Corporated Society and Leisure" (Toshito Masugata)

Kimio Itou
"The Transformation of Sport Culuture" (Atsuo Sugimoto, 1995)


JJSS (vol. 3)

Masayuki Uesugi
Spectator Sports in a Consumer Society

Norihito Yamamoto
Lifestyles of University Students and Their Sport Activity Preference

Research Perspectives
Yuko Kusaka
JAPANESE 'NATURAL PLAY': The 'Hidden Type' of 'Yuami (Hot Bath)' Culture

Kazue Kawahara
Notes on the Introduction and Dissemination of 'Fitness' in Japan

Research Notes
Motoaki Fujita
A Case Study on How Sports Groups are Run: Focusing on Children's Teams

Jang Se-Chang
A Study of Research Trends in Sport Sociology in Korea: Emphasis on Papers Published in The Korean Journal of Physical Education

Book Reviews
Nozomu Ikei
Figurational Sociology and Modern Sport: The Theory of Norbert Elias

Koichi Kiku
'Sport and Leisure in the Civilizing Process' (E. Dunning and C. Rojek,1992)

News and Information

JJSS (vol. 2)

Special Articles
John D. Horne
Aspects of Postmodernism and Body Culture

Hideaki Hirano What Does Body Culture Signify to Sociology?

Tetsuo Nishiyama
Interpretations of Sport: 'Dan-kyu Seido', the Japanese System of Grading in Sports

Hidesato Takahashi
A Study of the Collective Cheering at Professional Baseball Games in the Hiroshima Municipal Stadium

Takeshi Yoshida
Transformation Process of Burnout Athletes From the Viewpoints of the Theory on Sport Socialization

Keiji Matsuda and Hitoshi Shimazaki
The Double Meaning of 'Play' Observed in the Story Comic 'TOUCH'

Research Notes
Haruo Higashimoto
'Excuses' Given by Professional Baseball Players in Contract Negotiation

Hajime Hirai
On the Globalization of Sports

News and Information

JJSS (vol. 1)

Special Contributions
John W.Loy
The Possibility of Sport Sociology

Otowa Tahara
Sport as a Social Phenomenon

Shun Inoue
The Possibility of Sport Sociology

Hiroaki Imamura
The Possibility of Sport Sociology

Masashi Kawanishi, et al.
An Empirical Study on the Sports Lifestyle of Masters Swimmers

Reiko Tanaka and Shogo Esashi
The Factors Determining Sport Participation in Prefectures

Yoshio Shiraishi
Educational Reform and Sports

Research Notes
Ryoko Nemoto
A Study of 'Sex-Stereotyping' in Sport

Book Reviews
Yuji Nakamura
'The Government and Politics of Sport' (B. Houlihan, 1991)