Important Information for Presenters

Oral Presentations

  Each room in the conference venue is equipped with a notebook computer (Windows only).  Some rooms have VCR systems, but are only NTSC system compatible.  DVD discs can be played on each computer, so it is recommended to convert the videotape onto a DVD disc, if it is required for your presentation.  If you need any other equipment for your presentation, please inform us by the end of June.
  Each presenter is asked to give us their PowerPoint files by CD or USB memory at the registration area on the 26th of July.  It is strongly recommended that the PowerPoint file's version should be PowerPoint 2003 only and compatible with Windows XP. Anyone registering later than the 26th of July will have to bring their PowerPoint files directly to the venue prior to the session.

Poster Presentations

  The size of posters should not exceed 594 mm in length and 841 mm in height. Wall space will be available.