JJSS (vol.4)

Special Contributions
Takayuki Yamashita and Koichi Kiku
General View on Sociology of Sports in Britain and France, and The Coming International Symposium 1997 in Japan

Ken Kageyama
Athleticism and Sports in China

Soon Hee Whang
The Body as Culture: The Case of the Sumo Wrestler

Yasuo Yamaguchi, Takashi Tohi and Akira Takami
Assessing the Relationship Between Sport and Leisure Activities and Quality of Life: A Comparison Between the Middle-aged and the Elderly

Masataka Kashihara
Why Is Professional Wrestling Not Treated as a Kind of Sport?

Changkyu Ahn and Kengo Fujiwara
Sociological Perspectives of Sports Consumer Behavior Study

Hiroshi Fukasawa
A Study on the Inclination Factors for Participation in Leisure Activities for the Aged

Masashi Kawanishi, Takahiro Kitamura and Kozo Tomiyama
The Life-Satisfaction of Middle- and Senior-Aged Participants of the National Festival of Sport and Recreation in Japan

Research Notes
Hisayo Kisanuki and Shogo Esashi
Gender Differences of Motives of Spectators at a Soccer Game

Review of Books/Articles
Nobuyuki Kokubo
"Corporated Society and Leisure" (Toshito Masugata)

Kimio Itou
"The Transformation of Sport Culuture" (Atsuo Sugimoto, 1995)