Special Contributions
IKEI Nozomu
Art and Technique in Sports Instruction: Some Brief Thoughts on Training and Learning
John W.LOY
Why Hold the Olympic Games?
Peter DONNELLY and Bruce KIDD
Moral Authority and the IOC: Steps for the Futre
SHIMIZU Yasuo, OKAMURA Tadashi, UMEZU Kenichirou, MATSUDA Keiji
Sports and Language: Accounting for FURUTACHI Ichiro in Play-by-play Broadcasts
An Origin of Sportsmanship: A Socio-historical Reflection

TAKAO Masayuki
The Quest for a Perspective for Rethinking a Politics of the “Body”: From Fieldwork of a Measure of Health Promotion for Aged Persons in Ibaraki
The Localization of Soccer in Ghana: The “Promise-binding-deposit System” as a Life Guarantee
SAKO Toshimichi
A Study on the Nature of the Phases of Physical Education in Geido

Book Reviews
HASIMOTO Junichi(ed.) Contemporary Media Sport
INOUE Shun The Birth of Budo
SHISHIDA Fumiaki The Educational Power of Budo

English Abstracts