19th Annual Conference, March 28-29, 2010

@ Iwate University

Special Lecture Planned by The Conference Executive Committee:
“Community Sports Policy in Germany”
by Rolf Meier (German Sport University Cologne)

Research Committee Project:
“The Present Condition and Problems of Media Sports”

1) “From the Broadcasting Booth: What Sports Broadcasts Convey”
by Hiroshi Yamamoto (Hosei University)
2) “From the Editorial Room: Sports Journalism in Transformation”
by Tohru Nakakoji (The Asahi Newspaper)
3)“From the Local Scene: Sport’s Contribution to the Local Community”
by Hiroyuki Kusakari (Tohoku Broadcasting)
Commentator: Lee Thompson (Waseda University)
Moderator : Taketo Kai (Nara Women’s University)

Collaborative Project between Japan and Korea Society of Sports Sociology:
“The Development and Challenges of Sport Policy in Korea”

Moderator : Hitoshi Ebishima (Biwako Seikei Sports College)
Presentation : Park Yon-Oku (Korea Society of Sports Sociology)
Commentator: Takayuki Yamashita (Ritsumeikan University)