17th Annual Conference, March 17-18, 2008

@Chukyo University

Symposium Planned by Conference Executive Committee:
“The Changing Face of Japanese Professional Baseball”

Guest Speakers:
Seijun Ninomiya (Sports Journalist)
Kunio Yoshida (Chiba Lotte Marines)
Tetsushi Shibata (Nippon Television Network Corporation)
Commentator : Satoshi Shimizu (Tsukuba University)
Moderator : Tetsuro Nishiyama (Chukyo University)

Symposium Planned by International Exchange Committee:
“Traditional Sports and Social Change in Asia”

1) “Prospects and Social Transformations of Teakwondo in Korea”
by Park, Jin Kyung (Kwandon University)
2) “The Problem of the Modernization of Sumo as a Traditional Japanese Sport”
by Lee Thompson (Waseda University)
3) “The Differentiation and Extension of Swimming from a Competitive Sport to a Healthy Exercise”
by Takeo Nomura (Tsukuba University)
Commentator : Kimio Itoh (Kyoto University)
Moderators :
Soon-Hee Whang (Tsukuba University)
Takayuki Yamashita (Ritsumeikan University)

Symposium Planned by The Research Committee:
“Methodological Nationalism: Critical Examining the Complicity of Media Discourse and Nationalism”

Moderator: Hiroki Ogasawara (Kobe University)
Presentations :
1) “Discourse in Sports: Focusing on Soccer-”
by Hiroyuki Morita (Journalist)
2) “Nationalism in Body Theory”
by Atsuhisa Yamamoto (Sophia University)
3) “The Emergence of Nationalism in Professional Japanese Sumo”
by Rikidou Tomikawa (Mongolian Bukh Club)