1st Annual Conference, March 30-31, 1992

Nara Women's University

 "Sociological Approaches to Traditional Sports (Including the Martial Arts)"

 Hiroshi Komuku (Tenri University) and Yoshiaki Kameyama (Ryukoku University)

 Hideo Tatano (Kyushu University), 
  "The Transformation of the Institution of Judo"

 Lee Thompson (Osaka Gakuin University), 
  "Tradition and Modernity in Sumo"

 Kimio Itoh (Osaka University), 
  "Discourse, Form, and Practice in a Martial Art:  Kendo"

 Ken Kageyama (Aichi University of Education) and
 Hideki Nishimura (Kochi Women's University)

2nd Annual Conference, March 29-30, 1993

Faculty of Education, Kagawa University

 "Beyond Modern Sport"

 Toshio Saeki (Tsukuba University) and Hiroshi Komuku (Tenri University)

 Kunihiko Karaki (Hitotsubashi University), 
  "'Soft Sports' as Harbingers of Cultural Transformation"

 Toshio Nakamura (Japan University of Physical Education), 
  "Postmodern Sport"

 Yoshiaki Kameyama (Ryukoku University), 
  "Beyond Modern Sport:  A Theory of the Body"

 Masumi Yashima (Meikai University), Okuno Takuji (Konan University), 
 Shimizu Satoshi (Tsukuba University)

3rd Annual Conference, March 30-31, 1994

Aichi University

Public Symposium:  
 "Sport Events and Citizen Participation"

 Sadao Morikawa (Japan University of Physical Education) and 
 Satosi Hanawa (Chukyo Women's University)

 Sadamitsu Arai (Hiroshima University), 
  "Sport Events and Citizen Participation: From Children's Groups to the Asian Games"

 Yoshiro Shiraishi (Kurume University), 
  "Strategies of Citizen Participation at the Fukuoka Universiad"

 Akihito Saito (Wappa Kyodo Printing), 
  "The Aichi National Athletic Meet, Seen from the Perspective of Sport for the Handicapped"

 Kenji Miyazaki (Author), 
  "Citizen Participation in J-League"

General Symposium:  
 "Sport and the Body"

 Shun Inoue (Osaka University) and Ken Kageyama (Aichi University of Education)

 Keynote Speech:  
  Peter Donnelly (McMaster University, Canada),
   "Body and Sport:  in Relation to Cultural Studies in England and North America"

 Kazunori Matsumura (Tsukuba University)

 Takeshi Okada (Kagoshima University), 
  "History and Characteristics of Research on 'the Body,' 
    Focusing on the Area of Physical Education"

 Soon Hee Whang (Tsukuba University), 
  "The Body as Culture: A Cultural Comparison of the 'Face'"

 Masaru Okazaki (Nagoya Ueda Minami Primary School), 
  "The Body and Authority"

 Hideaki Hirano (Hosei University),
  "The Significance of the Theory of Body Culture"

4th Annual Conference, March 29-30, 1995

Urayasu Campus, Meikai University

 A Debate on "The Merits and Demerits of Media Sports"

 Kaoru Kitamura (Juntendo University) and Masumi Yashima (Meikai University)

 The Demerits:  Gentaro Taniguchi (Sport Journalist)

 The Merits: Toshio Mamiya (Juntendo University;
                              former Chief of Planning and Development Department, Dentsu)

  Toshio Saeki (Tsukuba University)

5th Annual Conference, March 28-29, 1996

Miyagi University of Education

 "Exploring Theoretical Possibilities in Sports Sociology Part 1:  The Body"

 Takayuki Yamashita (Ritsumeikan University), 
  "Cultural Studies and the Body"

 Koichi Kiku (Nara Women's University), 
  "Eliasian Sports Sociology and the Body"

 Shunya Yoshimi (Tokyo University), 
  "Japanese Sports and the Body"

6th Annual Conference, March 26-28, 1997

Ritsumeikan University

Workshop Session 1:
 "How Sport Can Change Asia: The First Asian-Hosted World Cup"

 Ichiro Sayama (sport commentator/editor, Japan), 
  "Soccer: Bitter Reflections on the Limitations and Possibilities of Japanese Society"

 John Horne (Mory House Institute, Heriot-Watt University, U. K.),
  "Globalization and Football"

 Nobuhiko Nakajima (Tohoku University, Japan), 
  "Soccer and Japanese Local Communities"

 Jong-Young Lee (Korean National University of Physical Education, Korea), 
  "World-Cup Co-hosting and Korean Society"

Workshop Session 2:
 "Sport Culture and the Transformation of Modern Society"

 Jacques Defrance and Christian H. Pociello (University of Paris, Sud-Orsay, France), 
  "Structure and Evolution of the Field of Sports in France (1960-1990):  
   A 'functional,' historical and prospective analytical essay"

 Janet C. Harris (University of North Carolina at Greensboro, U. S. A.), 
  "American Engrossment with American Sports:  
   Stability at the Center of an Athletic Vortex"

 Atsuo Sugimoto (Kyoto University of Education, Japan), 
  "Transformation of the Consumer Society and Sport Culture in Japan"

 Richard Gruneau (Simon Fraser University, Canada), 
  "Canadian Sport in the Society of the Spectacle"

Workshop Session 3:
 "Sport and Power in Modern Society"

 Soon Hee Whang (Tsukuba University, Japan),
  "Body Image and Symbolic Power"

 Alan Tomlinson (University of Brighton, U. K.),
  "Power Resistance and Sport: Perspectives from British Cultural Studies"

 Satoshi Shimizu (Tsukuba University, Japan),
  "A Program on the Microphysics of Power: Gymnastic Exercise as Tools"

 Jacques DeFrance (University of Paris Sud-Orsay, France), 
  "How to Interpret the Transformation of Sport Practices"

 Kimio Ito (Osaka University, Japan), 
  "Masculinity and Modern Sports"

 "Sports and the Formation of the Modern Nation-State"

 Burn-Jang Lim (Seoul National University, Korea), 
  "Sport and the Modernization of Korean Society"

 Henning Eichberg (Idraetsforsk= Research Institute of Sport, Body and Culture, Denmark),
  "The National, the Global, the Tribal:  A Trialectical Approach to the Identity Question in Sports"

 Eric Dunning (University of Leicester, U. K.), 
  "Nation-State Formation, Globalization, and the Development of Modern Sport"

 Shun Inoue (Kyoto University, Japan), 
  "Sport and the Martial Arts in the Making of Modern Japan"

7th Annual Conference, March 26-27, 1998

Kobe University

Keynote Address
 "The 21st Century: A Society of Leisure?"
 Shuzo Ishimori (The National Museum of Ethnology)

Public Symposium
 "Sport and Society in Transition"
  Coordinator : Yasuo YAMAGUCHI (Kobe University)
  Presentations : Sadao MORIKAWA (Nippon College of Physical Education)
                  Haruo NOGAWA (National Institute of Fitness and Sports)
                  Chihiro KANEMITSU (Senior Vice President , Orix Baseball Club)
  Commentator : Futoshi HIGUCHI (Asahi Newspaper)

Symposium A
 "Sport Criticism"
  Coordinator : Yoshiaki KAMEYAMA (Ryukoku University)
  Presentations : Hajime HIRAI (Shiga University)
                  Kenji NAGASUMI (Kyoto Newspaper)

Symposium B
 "Sport and Local Development"
  Coordinator : Hirohide NAGAYOSHI (Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences)
  Presentations : Masatoshi SANBONMATSU (Fukuoka University of Education)
                  Masashi KAWANISHI (National Institute of Fitness and Sports)

Round Table Session
 "Teaching Sport Sociology"
  Coordinator : Hiroshi KOMUKU (Kagawa University)
  Presentations : Kanji KOTANI (Kure University)
                  Kazunori MATSUMURA (Tsukuba University)

Special Lecture
 "Sportization and Globalization - Process-sociological Perspective"
  Joseph MAGUIRE(Loughborough University)

8th Annual Conference, March 26-27, 1999

Hiroshima Astele Plaza

Special Lecture
 "Present Conditions, Education, and Sport Culture"
  Fumiya Tamiaki (President of Molten)

Public Symposium
 "New Expectations for Sport"
  Coordinator : Sadamitsu ARAI (Hirosima City University)
  Presentations : Katsuya KODAMA (Mie University)
                  Yoshiaki KAMEYAMA (Ryukoku University)
                  Kazuko TAKAHASHI (Yokohama National University)

Round Table Session
 "The Attraction of Sport Sociology"
  Coordinator : Hiroshi KOMUKU (Kagawa University)
  Presentations : Haruo HIGASHIMOTO (Kyoto Bunka College)
                  Keiji MATSUDA (Okayama University)

 "Appraising Sport Sociology: The Views from Sociology and Physical Education"
  Coordinator : Kanji KOTANI (Kure University)
  Presentations : Hideaki HIRANO (Hosei University)
                  Takayuki YAMASHITA (Ritsumeikan University)

9th Annual Conference, March 26-27, 2000

Jochi University

Special Lecture
 "Victory at all costs!: Taking Risks in 20th Century War and Sprot"
 Keynote speaker:  Peter Donnelly (President of NASSS,Tronto University,Canada)
 Guest speaker:  Nicola Porro (ISSA,Cassino University,Italy)

 "Nationalism and Sport"
  Koji TAKI (philosophist)

 "Sports and Media during the War in Japan 1937-45"
  Yasuhiro SAKAUE (Fukushima University)

 "How to make Global Cultures of Sports"
  Tetsuro NISHIYAMA (Chukyo University)

Round Table Session
 "Modern of Bodies"
  Coordinator : Satoshi SHIMIZU (Tsukuba University)
  Commentator : Yoshiaki KAMEYAMA (Ryukoku University)
  Presentations : Kayo HASAMOTO (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
                  Akira KURASHIMA (Kyoto University)
                  Atsuhisa MATSUDA (Tsukuba University)
                  Koichi KIKU (Nara Women's University)

10th Annual Conference, March 26-28, 2001

Tsukuba University

Special Lecture
The Elite and Sport in Modern Japan
Yo TAKEUCHI (Kyoto University)
Symposium 1
"Sport and Technology"
Coordinator Yoshiaki KAMEYAMA (Ryukoku University)
Presentations Jun WATANABE (Tokyo Keizai University)
               Masataka KASHIHARA (Otemon Gakuin University)
Yasunori KANEKO (Mizuno corp.)

Symposium 2
"Sport and Gloablization"
Coordinator Toshio SAEKI (Tsukuba University)
Haruo NOGAWA (Juntendo University)
Presentations Soon-Hee WHANG (Tsukuba University)
               Kimberly S. Schimmel (Kent State University)
Jae-On KIM (The University of Iowa)
Round Table Session1
"Fieldwork concerning the Bodies"
Coordinator Kazunori MATSUMURA (Tsukuba University)
Presentations Akira KURASHIMA (Kyoto University)
Tkaketo KAI(Aichi University of Education)
Masaki UKAI (Kyoto Bunkyo University)
Hiroaki YOSHII (Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University)

Round Table Session2
"Sociology of Fotball"
Coordinator : Takayuki YAMASHITA (Ritsumeikan University)
Yoshimi NAKATSUKA (Univ. of Tsukuba Senior High School)
Presentations : Jhon HORNE (Edinburgh University)
Ahn Min-seok (Choongang University)
Hiroko MAEDA (National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya)

11th Annual Conference, March 28-29, 2002

Kyusyu UniversitySession1:The World Cup Korea-Japan and Media

Coordinator: Isamu KURODA(Kansai University)
Presentations: Hiroki OGASAWARA(London Smith)
         Chihiro MORITSU(Doushisya University)
         Hwang Seong-bin(Ritsumeikan University)
Commentator:Luciana Vieira(Shiga University)

Session2:The School and Body Culture
Coordinator:Atsuo SUGIMOTO (Kyoto University of Education) Presentations: Takeshi NOZAKI (Kgawa University) KeijiMATSUDA (Okayama University) WhangeSoon Hee(Tsukuba University)

12th Annual Conference, March 22-23, 2003

Okayama University

13th Annual Conference, March 26-27, 2004

Hokkaido University of Education

14th Annual Conference, March 28-29, 2005

Tsukuba University

15th Annual Conference, March 27-28, 2006

Nara University of Education

16th Annual Conference, March 26-27, 2007

Kanazawa University