JJSS (vol. 3)

Masayuki Uesugi
Spectator Sports in a Consumer Society

Norihito Yamamoto
Lifestyles of University Students and Their Sport Activity Preference

Research Perspectives
Yuko Kusaka
JAPANESE ‘NATURAL PLAY’: The ‘Hidden Type’ of ‘Yuami (Hot Bath)’ Culture

Kazue Kawahara
Notes on the Introduction and Dissemination of ‘Fitness’ in Japan

Research Notes
Motoaki Fujita
A Case Study on How Sports Groups are Run: Focusing on Children’s Teams

Jang Se-Chang
A Study of Research Trends in Sport Sociology in Korea: Emphasis on Papers Published in The Korean Journal of Physical Education

Book Reviews
Nozomu Ikei
Figurational Sociology and Modern Sport: The Theory of Norbert Elias

Koichi Kiku
‘Sport and Leisure in the Civilizing Process’ (E. Dunning and C. Rojek,1992)

News and Information