22th Annual Conference, March 18-19, 2013

@ Fukuyama University

Symposium Organized by International Exchange Committee
“The current state of masculinity studies in the field of sports”
1) “The future of modern, male-dominated sport”
by Kimio ITO (Kyoto University)
2) “Masculinity in martial arts culture: From participant observation in the dojo and the life histories of martial arts athletes”
by Takayuki OKAI (Toyo Eiwa University)
3) “Ethnographic approaches to understanding Japanese masculinities in sport: Reflecting the shift in the gender studies of sport”
by Brent McDonald (Victoria University)
Commentator: Akira KURASHIMA (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Moderator: Osamu TAKAMINE (Meiji University)

Invited Lecture From Korea
“Foreign professional athletes and racial/ethnic issues in Korean society: Racial integration or racial conflict?”
by Seongsik Cho (Professor of Sport Industry & Management, Hanyang University & senior vice-president of Korean Society for the Sociology of Sport)

Research Committee Symposium
“Sports and education: The current state and visions for the 21st century”
1) “A possible new relationship between education and sports: Welcoming by pure donation”
by Yoshiaki KAMEYAMA (Ryukoku University)
2) ”’Death’ in sport as education: Sport in societies confronting ‘death’”
by Yasunao KOJITA (Nara Women’s University)
3) “The past, present and future of physical education: Can P.E. be fun?”
by Hideto SUZUKI (Tokyo Gakugei University)
Commentators: Atsuo SUGIMOTO (Kansai University), Keiji MATSUDA (Tokyo Gakugei University)
Moderator: Koichi KIKU (University of Tsukuba)

“Politics and sports: The politics of the London Olympics”
1) “The aims and background of the London Olympic policy of David Cameron’s coalition government”
by Hiroyuki AONUMA (Musashino Art University)
2) “The 2012 London Olympics and sport policy in the UK: The national strategy of local sports promotion”
by Fumihiro KANEKO (Graduate student of the Hitotsubashi University)
3) “Urban development and sports mega-events: By focusing on the London Olympics”
by Hideki MATSUBAYASHI (Kanto Gakuen University)
Commentator: Yasuhiro SAKAUE (Hitotsubashi University), Takayuki YAMASHITA (Ritsumeikan University)
Moderator: Yuji ISHIZAKA (Kanto Gakuen University)

Student Members Forum Organized by Research Committee
“Towards a sociology of ‘sports for the disabled’: ‘Disability’ in everyday life”
Tadashi WATARI (Tokuyama University)
Masahiro KAWANISHI (Kinki Health Welfare University)
Commentator: Takashi YAMASAKI (Graduate student of the University of Tsukuba)
Moderators: Futa SUZUKI (Graduate student of Hitotsubashi University), Akari KUROSU (Graduate student of Hitotsubashi University)