18th Annual Conference, March 23-24, 2009

@Kansai University

Project of The Executive and International Exchange Committee 1:
“The Revival of Traditional Sports”

1) “The Revival of Pisa and Gioco del Ponte”
by Lorenzo Bani (President, UISP)
2) “The Revival and the Development of Traditional Sports in China”
by Eh Jeng-Dong (Beijing Sport University)
3) “The Revival of Ethnic Sports in Ifugao, Northern Luzon Island”
by Takeshi Kumano (Kansai University)
Commentator: Isamu Kuroda (Kansai University)
Moderator : Atsuo Sugimoto (Kyoto University of Education)

Project of The Executive and International Exchange Committee 2:
Lecture: “The Media and The Beijing Olympic Games”
by Gong Wenxiang (Beijing University)

The Research Committee Project:
“Sports, the Body and Nationalism”

1) “Sports and Nationalism: The Nature of the Problems-”
by Satoshi Shimizu (Tsukuba University)
2) “The Logic and Emotion of Sport and the Media with Regard to Nationalism: The Audience and Spectacle of the National”
by Kiyoshi Abe (Kwansei Gakuin University)
3) “Woman and Sports in Modern Japan: From “A Good Wife and A Wise Mother” to Maternal Feminism under Fascism-”
by Keiko Ikeda (Yamaguchi University)
Panelist : Toshihito Kayano (Tsuda College)
Moderator : Hiroki Ogasawara (Kobe University)